​Mark Casey, a native New Yorker and a gentleman, wants to get out of his home state and live in another part of the world. He is attracted to a small town Kentucky woman named Roxie, whom he meets on the Internet. This woman seems to be the girl of his dreams - beautiful, sensual, ambitious and funny.

After having a series of talks via the Internet and by phone, he decides to pay her a visit at her Kentucky home. The meeting is magic. They fall head over heels for each other and decide to live together. Mark packs up all of his belongings and moves into her beautiful house; anticipating a life of bliss.

But there are immediate problems as soon as he gets to his new abode. They fight, where they never did before. Roxie lies to him constantly. Their once raging sexual relationship has turned sour and they are now sleeping apart from each other. What could have caused this abyss between them, which was once a dream?

Six weeks after moving his possessions and his life away from his home town and into her world, Mark is charged with a heinous crime and in the course of the investigation by the local police, a large cache of illegal drugs is found. Mark is arrested, charged with these crimes and 

​​while he is in custody, Roxie packs up the house, taking all of her personal furnishings, as well as all of Mark's possessions, and moves out of state, leaving Mark to fend for himself.

Unfortunately, Mark's nightmare doesn't end there.

This is the true story of flagrant injustice in a small country town. These horrifying accusations strain Mark's family and friends trust, while calling their most cherished beliefs into serious question. The story rapidly moves along and tracks the actions of Mark himself, as well as the motivations of the calculating Roxie, the local police force, the Kentucky State Police, the county attorney, the Kentucky Attorney General and even the legal tenets of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. While many truths are revealed, also exposed is the extent that some will go to dominate, possess, hold power and even cover-up their actions. This story runs from where it all began, up to Mark's jury trial on crimes he didn't commit.

For anyone who has ever dreamed of living in small-town USA and getting away from the rat-race of metropolis, this tale of one man's battle against the good 'ol boys may cause you to reconsider possibilities in a new light.

This book is Part One of 'The BlueGrass Series'

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The book starts up on the day of the trial and sequentially details the actions and reactions all of the characters involved. Details of Mark’s physical and emotional turmoil include descriptions of his various physical problems and the lack of treatment, internal legal battles within a lax​ justice system, hardships encountered in prison and ultimately Marks ability to overcome incredible odds and return to freedom.

This true story is rife with back room deals and corruption by public officials, whose only agenda is their own personal gain. Pinned started this epic tale in July of 2009. When the tale finally concludes with Stains in 2013, everyone involved is changed, some better and some worse.

This book is Part Two of 'The BlueGrass Series'

The odyssey that began for the main character in Pinned – A Kentucky True Crime, continues in Stains on the Gavel and describes what some might call, Kentucky Injustice. 

Mark Casey, a transplant from New York State, is going on trial in Kentucky for crimes he did not commit. His highly paid lawyer thinks he is innocent. So do all his friends and family. Even the people in the community of Burkesville, with whom he has had dealings while frequenting some of the local establishments agree that what has happened to him sounds like a set up.

His lawyer has a track record of winning big lawsuits and this particular case is a big deal for a little rural town where nothing much ever happens. The Prosecution has virtually no evidence against him and the case is built on speculation. It's looking like an acquittal is the logical outcome.

But remember, this is southern Kentucky where the rules are sometimes made up on the fly and money, as always, carries a lot of weight. Our character is about to find that even in the Bible-Belt, not everybody lives by the Golden Rule, and sometimes personal gain can outweigh the obvious call for justice.

When people are asked what's important in their lives, they often mention humor. Couples listing the traits they prize in their spouses usually put “sense of humor” at or near the top. 

While there is only speculation about how humor developed in early humans, we know that by the 6th century BCE, the Greeks had institutionalized it in the ritual known as comedy, and that it was performed with a contrasting dramatic form known as tragedy. One version of comedy is the joke.

Not only does such joking foster rationality and provide pleasure, but it reduces or eliminates the combination of fear and/or anger called “stress,” which is at epidemic levels in the industrialized world.

This book,
52 Weeks of (dirty) Jokes, is an assortment of jokes and quips. The first section of the book deals with stories (52) and satire of the human species. The second section offers a collection of quick one-liners (52) that can be told in a wide variety of environments.

None of these jokes and quips are clean; but they’re funny.

Have you ever needed a funny story to tell at a party or other social gathering? 52 Weeks may be the answer for you. The book is designed in an easy to follow topical index. Be the life of the party for any social event, conferences and gatherings among friends, as you entertain with stories that are connected to your current conversations. There is a topical story and a one-liner for each week of the year and your guests are sure to admire your ability to put a smile on their faces.


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